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CONCRETE COATINGS: our expertise

Our service is about style, protection, and durability. Made up of the highest quality processes, products, and methods, our floors cannot be matched!

We have chosen to focus on perfecting our craft! By only offering systems that we are very experienced with we are better able to provide a 5-star customer experience for every customer! Quality over quantity is at the heart of how we do everything.

6 Steps to create the perfect
garage floor


The grinding process opens up the concrete’s pores, enhancing the bond between the concrete and the coating. This is the most crucial step to ensure proper adhesion.

Vacuuming & Cleaning

Using industrial HEPA vacuums we remove dust and dirt from the concrete, including cracks and corners, ensuring optimal bonding for our coatings and lifetime durability.

Precise taping and lining

This step creates clean lines and protects your belongings from the following coatings.

Epoxy base Coat

This first coat creates a lifetime bond between the epoxy and the concrete surface, providing strength and durability.

Vinyl FlAke Broadcast

Whether it’s one of our Standard Colors or a Custom blend, this step is the beauty of your floor! Broadcasting 110% coverage ensures the basecoat is fully covered and uniformity is achieved.

POLYASPARTIC Protective Top-coat

The final step is to seal & protect your floor from damage and chemicals. Once finished the floor will be glossy, easy to clean, and ready for a LIFETIME of enjoyment!

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