Why a lifetime warranty?

We understand that investing in your property is a decision not taken lightly and we aim to ensure your complete confidence in your floors. Whether in residential spaces like garages and basements, or commercial areas, Lifetime Coatings provides peace of mind with our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing that your investment is safeguarded for the future!

What does our unconditional lifetime warranty cover?

Our Lifetime warranty covers everything that we consider “normal use.” This is just a fancy way of saying if there’s anything wrong with the materials we applied or the way we applied it, we’ve got your back. Here are the two main causes of failure:


Our concrete coatings are engineered with the highest standards of quality and longevity. With our Lifetime Warranty, you can trust that your surfaces will maintain their integrity and beauty for as long as you own your property.

Normal Wear & Tear

We stand behind our products and craftsmanship. Our Lifetime Warranty covers a wide range of issues, including coating cracking, peeling, chipping, and delamination. If any qualifying issues arise, rest assured that we'll take care of it promptly and professionally.

What our warranty DOESN’T cover

Customer Negligence


Staining/Damage caused by hot tires, grease, oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, battery acid, and other chemical spills. Discoloration/dullness due to lack of cleaning, excessive use, or the use of scrubbing/buffing machines. Rusting, metal items need to have protection between the floor coating and the metal item to ensure against staining. Breathable Mats are the only approved mats to use with coating, non-breathable mats will cause discoloration in coating.

Concrete Cracking


There is no way to guarantee against cracking /re-cracking of coating caused by concrete heaving, shifting, popping, settling, or ground movement.



While application of our system greatly increases protection from water & moisture intrusion, it is not intended to be a waterproofing solution. We do not guarantee against water leakage/intrusion to areas below the concrete.

Low Spots/ Pooling/ Drainage


While our coatings are 10 times thicker than industry standard, they remain relatively thin and cannot fill or level low spots in concrete. We cannot prevent issues related to existing low spots, liquid pooling, or inadequate drainage. To maintain the durability of your coating and protect the underlying surface, we advise regularly removing pooled liquids.



Although we strive to hide existing concrete damage, cracks, and imperfections, some may remain visible after completion. Foundation walls, once coated, will have a rougher texture compared to the floor finish, but we aim for uniformity. The final appearance may differ from sample previews.

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